How to interface 8 ODriver with Pc when there are too many wires

working on a project and using 8 Boad odriver to control 16 BLDC motors. Do these so I can communicate this 8 Boad with the computer. Help me please

Are you able to use a USB hub?

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Other options include CAN (PC->USB-CAN converter->daisy chained boards) and I personally haven’t tried it but multiplexing 8 uarts using CMOS multiplexer might work.
What a project working with 8 ODrives!

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Many thank Madcowswe. Great idea for my project

Many thank Naktamello

Thanks madcowswe, but I don’t know how to do it with the Usb Hub, I already have USB Hub hardware, but for software it is how I need to use it to communicate thank you.

I’m having the same problem as you, but don’t know how, 8 ODriver is communicating with the computer. Please help me if you know how

Is the main computer linux? If so, you can easily give each device a unique name based on which USB port it is plugged in to. Then you can name them odrive1, odrive2… etc.

See this: