How to know the communication Frequency between my motor and my Odrive

Hello community,
I m using o motor brushless with 3000Rpm connection via USB with my laptop, I m trying for t the PID of it but meanwhile, HOW can I know the frequency of the communication between my laptop and my Odrive ?

I believe the rate is 1kHz i.e. the fastest polling rate that USB (“full speed”) can do.
USB 2.0 can do 8kHz, but I don’t think the ODrive uses USB 2.0.

thank you for your reply, but u do u think that my BLDC motor can receive 1000 commands per second?

I’m not sure what you mean by that. Bu the answer is Yes, of course.
The ODrive’ PWM frequency is 40kHz i.e. the motor phases are turning On or Off at that rate. The BLDC motor is simply an inductor, so the current will change smoothly even if the voltage is not smooth.
The internal reference of the ODrive updates at 8kHz (i.e. the ODrive adjusts the PWM duty cycle at 8kHz) so external commands updating at 1kHz are fine.

Of course mechanically your motor cannot move that fast, but it doesn’t matter. You are free to update it as slowly as you like.