How to make two motors run simultaneously with different speed

I want to control two motors so that they can start to run with their own speed and stop at the same period of time.
Example motor 1 runs from point A to point B. Motor 0 runs from point C to point D. When motor 1 reaches B point and motor 0 reaches D point both motors stop.
Both motors have to start and stop at the same time.
Is there any command from Odrive to do that?


I would use a Arduino and control it over the UART interface. Sounds like it could be velocity control and some if statements.

No, axis motion sync is not current supported by any of our planners. The trapezoidal planner would be the closest, but you have to set the accel / decel / coast speed to slow down the motor that isn’t speed-limited

Thanks for you response.
I am using raspberry pi and trying to write code to calculate speed and loop command.
Will see.