How to recover from error state conveniently?

Errors are handy, they trigger to save you from disaster. But how to recover with a push of a button?

To my knowledge, you can either power off and on, or you can type

dump.errors(odrv0, True)

to the Odrivetool.

When I first got aquainted with Odrive, I thought I could simply program it using the Odrivetool. The Getting Started guide clearly states: “The tool you’re looking at is a fully capable Python command prompt, so you can type any valid python code.” So I thought I just need to write some code into the command line together with all the settings.

    dump_errors(odrv0, True)

But it appears not to be this trivial. So how does it work? Is tweaking the firmware the only option?

Easiest way is to just write a python script, see ODrive/ at devel · odriverobotics/ODrive · GitHub

You can use odrv0.clear_errors() also, don’t need to dump errors