How to understand Odrive 3.6

Hello everybody,

I would like to build a 6 Dof Simrig

I already bought :

3 Odrive 3.6 cards for 6 Actuators and my problem is really big because i don’t have any knowledge about programming…

So i started to follow the steps and i don’t know how it works …
I succed to communicate the odrive card with the computer i think that’s ok…

Connected to ODrive XXXXXXXX as odrv0

But i havent these messages :


Out[1]: 11.97055721282959

Is that normal ?

I followed your step by step to communicate with the odrive but i don’t know how to test the engine connected to the odrive…

I did a small rig test to know if it works but i don’t know how to try …
I wanted also how can you make the link between the simgame and the odrive card ?
How can i be sure that this communication can work ?
I also have the command table from @Wickie it’s very usefull

But i’m clearly lost … i found an Odrivegui.exe

But it doesn’t work i don’t know how to fix that problem (javascript error during launching)

I would be greatful if someone can take time with me to succed and resolve my problems …
1-connection to odrive ok but i don’t know how to setup and config the odrive correctly.
2-I have AMT 102V but doest i need end switches and how to calibrate start and end course ?
3- how to make the link between game engine and odrive card and all configurations .
4-how to config an odrive on the easiest way for somone like me who doesn’t know programming languages ?
5-I already have discord and I’m in odrivre discord community can someone can take time to axplain me on live how to approch this config step by step in the vocal channel ?

I hope someone would like to help me , because im in a road-end ! Thanks a lot

Sorry If I’m misunderstanding you but if you’re connecting with the odrivetool you won’t see those messages unless you enter them. If you’re following the getting started guide you shave to type out “odrv0.vbus_voltage” and hit return to enter the command.

  1. you type or copy the commands highlighted in the getting started guide and then hit return to make them work. You should be able to just follow the guide.
  2. Have you gone through the encoder setup?
  3. If you’re using unity there are a variety of ways to communicate, the hacky solution I’ve been using is to open the command line from unity and access the odrivetool. Not pretty or safe but functional.
  4. Just configuring the odrive can be done from the odrivetool which it looks like is working for you without any programming knowledge. The configuration gets saved and all you need to program is what the odrive will do.
  5. can’t help you there!

This is going to be an incredibly difficult project without programming experience, possibly hundreds of hours of work. Unfortunately I think the quickest way to complete this project would be to pick a good programming series or course and start learning there. If you’re set on making this simrig you could checkout brackeys unity tutorials as a good way to get started and stay interested.

Thanks a lot ,
I’m going to search some tutorials and try to looking for a firmware already maked because i think my project could take more time than i expected…

I will see the brackeys unity tutorials … thanks a lot !