How to use AS5600 Encoder with O-drive


I recently purchased an O-drive controller. I have also purchased two 5060 270kv motors that I want to use with the O-drive. I have 5pcs AS5600 encoders that I would really like to use with the O-drive.

Is that possible? Its outputs are: Analog out / PWM / I²C.

Is there a reason why it wouldn’t work?

Best regards Karl-Emil Storm

I believe we spoke on Discord, but none of the aforementioned outputs are currently supported by the encoder interface, sorry.

We will welcome a pull request if you wish to implement any of the methods.

Hello sir , I am from India and We are connecting AS5600 magnetic encoder to the odrive . Please suggest me how should I interface the AS5600 to the odrive with explaining the PIN connections .

AS5600 is not supported by ODrive, sorry.