I’m having overheating issues

I have 2 odrives connected to a power supply at 20 volts I have two large motors on odrv0 and one small motor on odrv1. The two large motors function great it is the little one that is giving me problems. So when I set there position the two large motors move perfectly but the small one sometimes stops working and then the amp rating on the power supply stays at 2.8 or so when it should be 0.18 or so cause it’s done rotating and the little motor starts to heat up I already burned one I think so I had to replace it. I get no error codes either.

Any thoughts?

Two things to check:

  1. Reduce the motor.config.current_lim on the smaller motor to be in line with its continuous rating. It should not be set so high that it can burn out the motor.
  2. Make sure that there is no possibility of slippage of the encoder. If the encoder slips or the calibration is poor, then the motor efficiency drops, i.e. the amount of torque the motor can produce will be reduced, to the point where it cannot produce torque at all, yet it still has the same current and the same power draw.
    Also, make sure that the calibration is done without a load attached as otherwise you can get a poor calibration and the efficiency is similarly reduced.