I think I blew up my O- Drive

After plugging in a custom cable the O-Drive started to make this weird high pitch noise and was drawing a fair amount of current with withing plugged in. See the video below. Any ideas? Did I hook up something wrong with the cable and cause a short which damaged the O-Drive?

The chip located directly above M0 got warm after a short time and it seems like that is what is making the noise.

After looking at the custom cable its possible one of the encoder cables might have come in contact with a motor lead.

On a side note, I blew up another O-Drive. This time a v3.4, I reversed the + and - while plugged into a battery. Totally my mistake, and a lesson about working while super tired and late at nigh.

M0 still works, just not M1

I have a scar on my stomach caused by flaming chunks of tantalum capacitor due to the same issue. It happens :slight_smile: But do be careful, we’re talking about a significant amount of energy here.