Identifying multiple Odrive devices in python

Silly question, but I’ve been unsuccessful so far in finding a viable solution. Is there a way in python to return a list/dictionary of all the currently connected ODrives and their serial numbers? I tried using .find_any() but it only returns the first drive it sees, and .find_all has a bunch of mandatory arguments like serial_number, which is the information I’m trying to gather in the first place.
I know I could use Odrivetool to find all the drives and manually write down each serial number but since I’m using them to identify each drive in my script I was hoping my script could do it automatically.

Many thanks!

I am working on this problem as we speak.
Like you, I have tried the find_all() but as you said it asks for 6 arguments…

The only was i got my python code to identify multiple odrive is knowing the serial numbers (in hex form)
odrv0 = odrive.find_any(serial_number = “serial number 1 in hex”)
odrv1 = odrive.find_any(serial_number = “serial number 2 in hex”)