I'm building a tethered resistance machine

I have an Odrive Pro and a 6374 motor I’m using for a +80m long tethered resistance machine. Basically a motorized spool with a string. Right now, I’m thinking of adjusting the min/max torque while in position mode to give resistance.

I have done some testing with a 6374 motor and it’s internal hall effect sensors with ODrive Pro. It spins! The web UI is becoming more intuitive too. But I have run into some cogging issues along with a few questions:

  1. I will have a lot of regen current. How do I make sure I don’t exceed the battery limits?
  2. Given the above, what else might go wrong that could overheat/fry the odrive i.e. what’s the ibus limit?
  3. When I run tests the ODrive gets pretty warm, is that normal?
  4. What else am I missing from the above (power wise)?
  5. I could add a more precise AMT encoder, but can I fix cogging with just the motor’s hall effect sensors?

I will likely be asking more questions after this :sweat_smile:.

Thank you!


  1. Since you’re on an ODrive Pro, you’ll need to regulate the battery charge rate yourself, with an external device. Alternatively you can switch to an ODrive S1 and use the built-in brake resistor and odrv0.config.max_regen_current to regulate this.

  2. Not much, tbh. Make sure the on-board thermistors are working (see FET temps)

  3. Normal. Get the heat spreader plate and a fan for MOAR COOLING :slight_smile:

  4. Braking resistor / voltage clamp device on DC bus

  5. The cogging is really difficult to remove with just hall feedback.