I'm new to Odrive

hey everyone i wanted to say hello, names Joel and im almost 40 ive been self taught in python/ c/ c++/ im now learning ros, i just purchased the odrive 3.6 boards for my automated metal finder robot i upgraded to motor and wheels to 4 10" hoverboard 36v 500w hub motors and out of all the controllers seems odrive is what fits my craving. anyone know where to get some odrive swag? stickers for my bot i want people to know that now adays we can create anything we can think of. also once i have it im really good at fabricating and i Will make my odrive liquid cooled as i do for all my high end electronics. my raspi 4’s and my overworked LoRa mods. i figured out at way to double LoRa433htz data trans speed up to have video with mild lag from almost 1 mile. so i plan on using my odrives to there potential. But couldn’t find any promo codes but interested in swag if anyone has it. if wasn’t for copywrites i would prob make my own,lol ,look forward to the new forum, so hello everyone

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Hi Joel,
I have two projects , the first one is a 4 wheel chair motor with tiller tires. The motors are brushed and not dependable to go at the same speed. Has 13" tiller wheel conversion. Has muscle as it pulls 300 lbs(me and it) up steep driveway (think of Nob Hill in SF). Would like to find BLDC conversion kit for it.
Run with two Demension Engineering controllers.

My second project is called DD(Deck Donkey). – My Project Donkey – It has two 170mm BLDC hoverboard wheels with optical encoders, driven with Odrive and Jetson Nano. This one I am having more fun with.
Have developed a controller with Qtcreator on Ubuntu and can drive the unit around my home.
I have posted some data on this site (My Project Donkey)
Thank you Forum! but want to find a location for code, documentation and some videos.

What hoverboard wheels are you using if you don’t mind me asking? I am also fascinated by your LoRa video distance. I use gstreamer for my video while driving. Since I ssh into my DD there is some
latency also.

Thank you

I’m also curious about the LoRa video streaming.
What modem / radio module do you use, and do you have a separate power amp / LNA

An automated metal detector sounds interesting - although I hope the motors don’t interfere with the detector!

They have ODrive stickers in the shop - but I doubt anyone would mind if you made your own :slight_smile:

Sorry took so long to reply, regarding the LoRa Module and how i did it send me your email address. i dont want to talk about other products on here, not sure rules of this forum i dont want to be rude. when i signed up for this forum i absolutely did not read the terms. lol, the only thing i saw was where “i agree” tik. just know your LoRa has the be liquid cooled or will fry in less than a min.

in my project I’m using 2x hoverboard bldc wheels/motor being run off of odrive3.6, Atomic pi with intel Atom quad processor , Raspberry Pi 4 8GB, 3 Arduino nano’s, 1 Arduino mega, 360 Lidar, Basically its autonomous with a metal detector and i used one of those paint wands that let you mark on ground usually to mark gas line etc… and a 35kg servo that when it detects metal it marks the ground and then continues, I just got an odrive so still working out kinks , i originally was using 2x DC 6-60V 400W BLDC Three-Phase DC Brushless Motor Controller PWM Hall Motor Control Driver, they don’t last very long. I’m still having a little bit of trouble mounting odrive node for ROS.Board but i built the frame to hold weight im making interchangable attachments like wheel barrow att. seat att. lawn mower att. i even buillt it so you can stretch out frame by pulling pins and sliding down. and the nice thing about an Atomic PI is it has a intel inside so i have windows 10 running on it and i tethered a second mobile phone so robot is connected to web no matter where it goes i can log on to the raspberry pi and atomic pi from home. Anyone Have experience making a Odrive 3.6 node to use on Ros2 Foxy?

about interference …when using detector attachment i can pull 2 pins and double 3.5’ to 6’ . when i first built it I was stumped for a while but I came to that solution and seems to work. also with frame extended a lawn mower attachment fits perfect in middle

Btw you can find the forum rules here: [FAQ, ToS]
There is no rule that prevents you from discussing other products, unless it was blatant advertising/spam.
Also, you just mentioned a Raspberry Pi, which is a product :scream: :wink:

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