Incremental Magnetic Encoder

Hi everyone !
I am using the Odrive in a context of rehabilitation and the encoder position must be read by both the Odrive and a computer (at 360 Hz). My Odrive is controlled by a Raspberry.
Is it possible to use only the gpio pins and alimenting the encoder with an other power source (different ground and possibly tension higher than 5V)?
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The encoder gpio pins are not isolated in this way, these signals need to reference the ground and voltage (5V or 3.3V) supplied by the ODrive.

Out of curiosity, what functionality on the computer requires the position data at 360Hz?

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Thank you for your answer !

The study is about electrical stimulation during an arm pedaling task. The goal is to stimulate the muscles in function of the angular position of the pedals. Since the pedaling cadence will be around 60 rpm (1 rotation per second) and because a degree precision is needed, we require the position data at 360 Hz.


I am thinking of using a splitter like this one to solve my issue. But as the encoder I am planing to use has a really low minimum edge separation (2 µs (0.5 MHz)), I was wondering if the ODrive can support that.

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Is this the answer to my question ?