Index PWM AMT21

I am using odrive pro version 6.6, with AMT21 encoder, and PWM input
I am needing the encoder to remember the last position before being turned off, so that when it is turned on again it does not move.

You can’t quite do that on v0.6.6 firmware. If you have absolute_setpoints = True and use axis0.set_abs_pos() you can set the current position but it wont remember the last axis position

I am trying to use the homing function, so that I can start the engine in the same place, when it is turned on again. But it’s not working for me either.
I set everything up and get it to start in a homing state, but it doesn’t move towards the endstops. And when I touch the enpoint switch, it does finish the process, settling in the offset, and then occupying the position set in the PWM.
I am using FW version 0.6.6, and an AMT23 Series encoder, communicated by RS485.
Could you tell me if it is possible to make this functionality work?