Installed odrivetool 0.6.7 but is seems to be an older version of odrivetool

I’ve installed the odrivetool on Python 3.11.5, and despite it claim to be version 0.6.7, the data structure within the tool appears to be from an earlier release. When comparing it to the documentation for version 0.6.7 on the website, it includes configurations like this (odrv0.axis0.config.motor.current_soft_max = 10). However, the tool I obtained through ‘pip install --odrive upgrade,’ labeled as version 0.6.7, seems to actually be an earlier version of the odrive tool. When I review older online documents, they align more closely with the version that’s installed on my computer, possibly 0.5.6, which has configurations like this (odrv0.axis0.motor.config.current_lim = 10). This older data structure is functional for me, albeit from a previous version.

Furthermore, some features from the newer version, odrive 0.6.7, are missing witch I need for my project. I’ve experimented with installing different Python versions and older iterations of the odrivetool, but I consistently encounter the same outdated version of odrive.

also I’m using a non original odrive but I don’t think that would affect the odrivetool program on my computer would it? also I’m using windows 10. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

ODrivetool’s data structures will be loaded from the connected ODrive – so it’s all dependent on the firmware version on the ODrive.

Non genuine ODrives are all based on the v3.5 or earlier - which is firmware version 0.5.6 max, so everything will be reflective of that API.

If you want to use newer firmware versions, you’ll have to use a new-generation ODrive - either the Pro or the S1. What firmware features are you interested in using, out of curiosity?