Iq set point and Iq measured at 40 A continuous


I have been having an issue in the measured and setted current, whenever i set the controller to position control, the iq setpoint goes to 40A, and as soon as i put the motor in closed loop control the measured iq gets to that value,
And also the effective_torque_setpoint is at -1 Nm,
I have been using odrives for a while and that’s an odd behavior, i checked for a short circuit in my control box and i didn’t find anything,

I noticed one of my 6 motors heating up to very high temps, i replaced the controller and then the motor and i am still observing the same behavior,

Out of 6 odrives s1 i am using, only 1 heated up. However, the 40A Iq measured is on all of them,

The weirdest thing happend is that i shut down the E-stop for the power supply, and i was still reading 40A Iq set point,

Any ideas of what is going on?


Hm, this could definitely be an encoder calibration issue. What encoder are you using, and is it calibrating under load, or with the motor free spinning?

Thank you for your reply @solomondg ,
I am using the built-in magnetic encoder, and i am calibrating with the motor free spinning,
The only thing that may cause this according to your reply is the fact that i am relieving the wire tensioning on the capstan that is screwed into the motor’s shaft, but i am not completely taking out the capstan, i made sure that the motor is free-spinning but this could cause some resistance in the calibration process,

The only thing that is not clear to me is why i am seeing this on all 6 motors, it is highly unlikely that i didn’t relieve the tension properly in all 6 motors,

Thank you

What motor is this? Is there any chance the magnet is slipping?

It is the D5312S motor,

The magnet is glued into a screwed housing, i don’t think it is slipping, at least not on all 6 motors,
Given that all motors are connected to the same power supply and are being controlled through common Teensy, is it possible if one of the motors is not well calibrated, all other motors might face the same Iq current [A] problem?