Is it possible to controlle the motor with a force messurment inpute?

Hello, i want to creat a controlle for my motor by using a force messurment as Input value. Is it possible to plugin the force messerment directly in the odrive and use the data to create a controle or do i need a microcontroller as cache between those two? And if so, how can I conect a microcontroller, let´s say an Arduino, to my odrve.

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

If you’re comfortable modifying the odrive source code, this can be done with just the odrive. If your force measurement system is all analog, you would need to amplify the signal to a roughly 0-3.3v range. From there, you would need to modify the odrive source code to read that sensor, and you would need to modify the controller code to respond appropriately.

It would be easier to use an external Arduino. In that case you would sort out how to read the force sensor yourself, and then see here to control odrive with Arduino: