Is the Odrive S1 safe to use with a 12S LiPO?

Hello! On the main page it says the motor has an operation of between 12-48V (50.5V max). A 12S LiPo would be 4.2 (max voltage per cell) * 12 = 50.4, so barely within the limit? Is this safe? Or was the S1 ever meant to be compatible with 12S batteries?

Yeah this is safe, 12S compatibility kinda defines the max allowable voltage, but having such a tight margin can have its own inconveniences. You’ll find the S1 overvoltage trip level (odrv0.config.dc_bus_overvoltage_trip_level) is clamped to 54V, so you’ll have a pretty tight margin for regen power. I would definitely suggest including a brake resistor in your setup

Thank you! But what do you mean by brake resistor? The motor will operate at 48V with max 20A peak. Could you give me a video explaining Brake resistors or usual safety measures when using the ODrive? (If extra external circuitry is required)

I’m planning on using this with an Nvidia Jetson Nano developer Kit to drive a couple of motors. From what I heard they use CAN for communication, so I was also wondering if a Jetson Nano can control multiple Odrives? If yes, what is the max number of them?

Brake Resistors are used to dump excess energy the battery or power supply can’t handle. There are two solder pads on the S1, solder each end of the included brake resistor to those pads and set odrv0.config.enable_brake_resistor = True. The default resistance of 2 ohms should be correct.

I recommend using the web GUI to set up your drive, should make this easy :slight_smile: