Lack of smoothness in the sensorless mode

Hi all,
The board works perfectly for all modes except sensorless. I mean - as I see in the code there is a transition from lockin_spin to run_sensorless_control_loop. I tried to play with ramp config, but it looks like it is not connected:
.sensorless_ramp =
.current =6.98f, // [A]
.ramp_time = 0.07f, // [s]
.ramp_distance = 4 * M_PI, // [rad]
.accel = 330.0f, // [rad/s^2]
.vel =2199.0f, // [rad/s]
.finish_distance = 10000.0f * 2.0f * M_PI, // [rad]
.finish_on_vel = true,
.finish_on_distance = false,
.finish_on_enc_idx = false
The video:

Is it normal? What if we do ramp up with sensorless function instead of lockin_spin?

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