Limited speed with Odrived Hoverboard wheels

I’m making a robotics platform and an “all round move from point A to point B without a sweat” platform but…

I’m having issues with the speed of the hoverboard wheels I’m using. I think I tried everything I can think of, meaning increasing the current limit, velocity limit, adding a battery to increase the voltage.
The speed remains the same with 24V or 36V.

The speed now is about the pace of a normal human walking which I would like to double if possible.

I am for now controlling it with a RC receiver and transmitter and PWM.

The Odrive is a 56V Odrive V3.6.

The setup looks now like this :

Thank you for your input ! Any new idea to try and make it work would be fantastic !

What are your PWM endpoints set to?

To set them up I used the hoverboard tutorial and the endpoints are min = -200 and max = 200.
But I remember when I looked them up by entering :


Is gave me something like (144, 29450) but I tried understanding it but couldn’t.

You think it’s an endpoint issue ?

Thanks for the answer !

Yes. Right now you’re setting vel_setpoint between -200 and +200. You can increase this range to speed up your bot :slight_smile:

Ohhhhhhhkay ! I think I understand. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can change the settings.

Thanks in advance !

Thank you so much ! I know moves much faster. I just have another problem now that when it stops. The motors don’t want to move anymore and I have to cycle the power but thanks to you the project can continue !

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