Linear actuator for xsimulator

Hi all,
I found ODrive looking for a way to use RC components for a simulator rig with ball screw actuators.
I have read a lot in this forum, but before spending money, I want to be sure that it will work at the end.
The rig has load all the time to the actuator, so a index encoder has to be used to avoid the calibration.

First question: How does Odrive finds the endpoints of the mechanic?

xsim tools sends commands over a serial connection. A virtual com port should be fine. The format of the command is configurable. for example L10R30000 = first Motor goto position 10, second motor goes to 30000.
The L or R can be every character and the value can be decimal, binary or hex. Also the resolution is adjustable bitwise. In my example it’s 16bit. The command is send at a adjustable time every xx milli seconds.

Second question: Does the firmware accept this command or is a reprogramming necessary?

Thanks a lot / Greetings / Thomas

Today: the position at startup is taken as zero.
In about a month: You can use home switches and do a homing sequence.

That particular format is not supported directly, but it shouldn’t be too hard to add it.

OK, thank you. Seems that is exactly what I’m looking for.
My next steps are building the mechanical stuff and have a look to your code.

Thanks / Greetings / Thomas

if the home switches are supported, a encoder with quadrature output should do the job? A indexed one isn’t neccessary?

Thanks / Greetings / Thomas

If the home switch is accurate I think in principle it should suffice. One thing to be careful about is the current through the motor when searching for the index: if its high and it has to go far, it could make the motor very warm.