Long connection times even on Dev

I’ve been following find_any() takes a long time to connect #356, and having the same issues, so for that and to use lockin_spin upgraded to the Dev branch.

This turned out to be a process, and even though I have a v3.6 board the only way to effectively change the firmware on windows10 has been to use ST link.

The first few connections right after updating worked immediately (1-2s), but now I’m back to the 30s load times I was getting before updating.

Does anybody have any ideas about what’s going on with that?

Upgraded today to master 5.1, same issue.

Did you also upgrade your odrivetool?

yes, although now I get message:
Downloading json data from Odrive… (this might take a while)

instead of just having to wait

On Windows, I found if I made both of the ODrive interfaces libusb in zadig, it did this. Make only the ODrive Native Interface libusb, and the ODrive CDC Interface “usbser”


That was it, thank you!

I just wanted to say the support for this, and on the forums in general, has been incredible. It makes me super confident about getting my board and using them in the future.