Looping postional, trajectory control help for a total beginner

Hello everyone,

I have a 56 volt Odrive board purchased aprox 3 months ago, two 6.5 inch hover board motors.
I am using the hall sensors for position, I have soldered the proper capacitors to a little bread board, plugs etc …to overcome the problems with signal errors.
I am using a 16 volt 5 amp powersupply to get started and learn.
I have followed the instructions from the Odrive web page…
everything seems to work great.

I am asking for help because I now need to be able to run my motors in loops, with positional and trajectory control.
example…Motor start off at 0 …go to 1000 quickly, from 1000 to 2000 slowly, from 2000 to 3000 quickly and 3000 to 4000 slowly…this loop needs to repeat continuously.
the above is just an example but you get the idea.

Can someone please explain the different methods possible to achieve this.

  1. All methods, and the best method… I assume there must be a way to write an instruction in circular postion mode at the command prompt to do this.

I have spent 25 hours studying basic python, I have been using (Anaconda)spyder and geany for IDE’s for learning.
I have done all my calibration and testing from a python command prompt and have not figured out how to use Odrivetool in conjunction with IDE.

I am very impressed with the odrive project and product in general, the documentation is okay. But I am one of those people that learn best from tutorials…althou I can and have followed the hoverboard guide setup to the letter…there is not much more tutorial style stuff
for a total beginner. (I mean completely basic …do exactly this and then do exactly this next…etc).
That is too bad…because for a lot of people it’s the best way to learn.

Thank you in advance.