MA702 Magnetic encoder,Through-hole encoder is mentioned that ODRIVE already supports the MA702, but I have not seen any relevant information.Is SPI absolute value supported? When can it be distributed in firmware? I am very good at SW and CAD, but I am confused about coding. The magnetic encoders of the MA700, MA702, MA730 series support side mounting, so that it can be used for the cable to pass through the center hole-the optimal cable twisting and the least damage. I plan to use it for my compact robot, toast!

It looks like you just use the ABZ incremental outputs on the MA702. The odrive supports that normally.

I designed a PCB that makes it easier to hook encoders up to the Odrive, if you want to use it.

No no no, definitely use SPI absolute value, thank you friends. Cheers

Ah, I see you’ve updated your question. :wink:

To use SPI, either see the instructions at the bottom here:

Or try @Wetmelon’s branch here:

Can you please tell me how to connect it to odrive, configure it and test it?