Magnetic Poles for "low_level.c"

Maybe someone could edit the motors spreadsheet and put in the number of magnetic poles for the motors listed there.
Friggin Hobby King does not list this in the specifications. I have 3 Turnigy Aerodrive 6378-149 motors and I am trying to figure out what to put in my “low_level.c” file. Hobby King is pissing me off. I mean the stuff they sell if for hobbyists and these are the kind of things we need to know. I am an engineer for an automotive company and we would never get away with that crap.

Thanks for letting me vent.

All the motors I have physical samples of in that spreadsheet are 12N14P motors, and my guess is that they are all like that.
12N14P means 12 “slots”, aka windings/coils, and 14 magnet poles, i.e. 14 magnets in the rotor.

You can check the number of magnet poles in your motor by simply counting the magnets in the rotor. Sorry if that wasn’t obvious, I updated the guide.

Man Oscar, you are on top of it!!!

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So is this a good place to start?

define ENCODER_CPR (1024*4)
define POLE_PAIRS 7
static float elec_rad_per_enc = POLE_PAIRS * 2 * M_PI * (1.0f / (float)ENCODER_CPR)

Yeah if you do indeed have a 1024 PPR / 4096 CPR encoder, I think you’re good!