Make error, tup error

Hi all,
I have a windows 8.1pro x64 machine and the toolchain is installed.
Doing a make in Bash shell ends up with error:

Entwicklung@WIN-ONA02FRCBT5 MINGW64 ~/Documents/VSC/ODrive-master/Firmware
$ make
tup error: failed to create child process: No such file or directory
*** Command ID=497 failed: python …/tools/odrive/ --output build\version.h
*** tup: 1 job failed.
make: *** [all] Fehler 1

I tried the hints from Firmware make error
but nothing helps. Both, the master and the devel branch got this error.

Getting a fresh copy of the sources didn’t fix it.

Any idea, whats going wrong?
Thanks / Zennix

With today build, it works again.

Thanks / Zennix

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Hi All,

As a new ODrive user I had this problem too (windows 10 64); for me the issue was not having python in the path.



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