Manufacturing my own... where are the gerber files?

I understand the gerber files aren’t being published due to bugs that intend to eventually get fixed - but here’s where I’m at. I actually had the opportunity to drive william osman’s shopping cart, and it was great, so I’ve gotta build something now. I ordered a 48v Odrive today, and intend on powering hoverboard motors… At the same time, PCBWay offered to sponsor a video on my YT channel - and being that Odrive is completely open source, I figured I could order some off-brand Odrives from them and compare their quality and pricing to the originals, as well as give a couple off-brand Odrives away if they work. They agreed. I need to upload gerber files for them to start manufacturing though.

How can I get ahold of these gerber files?



i’d really like to see them too

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