Max. Voltage D5065

I’m want to drive a D5065 with an O’Drive 3.6 56V.
How much voltage can the motor handle. Are 48V or even 56V possible or do I have to stick to the 32V specified in the motor guide.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve never tested it, but probably a few hundred volts.

The voltage values on these motors are for max speed (270kv * 32V = 8640 RPM)

What Wetmelon said.

The max voltage rating on hobby motors relates to the max mechanical speed, not the actual voltage. e.g. a “kv200” motor driven by a dumb ESC at 100% with 32V supply will spin at (max unloaded) 200*32=6400 rpm which is near the limit for some bearings.

ODrive uses fast closed-loop PWM to control the torque and speed, so you can set the mechanical speed limit in the config.
The real “DC Bus” voltage limit for a motor is related to the insulation on the windings, and even the most basic wire insulation is good for a few hundreds of volts.

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