Measured Phase Resistance and Inductance is zero

I have a Maxon EC Flat motor connected to M0 interface in Odrive. The motor parameters as per datasheet are:
Phase resistance : 0.3 Ohm, Phase Inductance : 0.369 mH, Nominal current : 10.5 A.
On running the full calibration there is no motion to the motors and the command dump_errors(odrv0) is giving the errors axis: ERROR_MOTOR_FAILED and motor: ERROR_PHASE_RESISTANCE_OUT_OF_RANGE
When i check the value for phase resistance and inductance using the odrivetool, it returns 0 for both the commands. (<axis>.motor.config.phase_resistance/phase_inductance). I tried changing the values of resistance_calib_max_voltage and calibration_current, but still the error persists. Is there any problem with the odrive, or is there any workaround ?

The setup is connected to a DC voltage source with the Brake resistor connected to Odrive, the brake resistor is 50W2RJ (default one, which came with the box)

Make sure it’s plugged into the correct header (M0 or M1). Otherwise, double check that your motor resistance is actually correct when measuring with a multimeter.

EDIT: This is where you can check for other troubleshooting steps for this error

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