Mechanical brake dose not work

Hi I’m using ODrive-Pro and tested it using firmware 0.6.3
And I have a question.
The mechanical brake does not work under the following conditions.

odrv0.config.gpio5_mode = GPIO_MODE_MECH_BRAKE
odrv0.axis0.mechanical_brake.config.gpio_num = 5

odrv0.axis0.requested_state = AxisState.CLOSED_LOOP_CONTROL ->not working brake gpio-5 !

If it’s a bug, is there any hope of fixing it?


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Reply email from Odrive…

GPIO 5 is a one-directional isolated input so it can’t be used as a mechanical brake output.

The documentation is not clear about this, we’ll try to fix that.

You can use one of the following pins as output:

single ended: GPIO 10, 13, 14, 15, 16

differential: GPIO 0, 17

Also note that after changing the GPIO mode, a reboot is required (save_configuration()).