Milling machine retrofit (Mikron WF3 DCM)


We sell them for 250€, but are currently out of stock.
We did a retrofit with Mach3 + CSMIO/IP-S so this works.
The CSMIO does not provide differential outputs according to RS422 (they use simple cmos drivers) so you are a bit limited on the max step frequency (i think it was around 150kHz).


That does sound appealing, would run me about 600 bucks less than buying the dinkiest simdrive servo/drive set.
Do they come in a housing or are they just bare PCBs?


includes housing (currently 3d printed, later sheet metal), heatsink, fan, connectors, support
excludes certification, guarantee, …


Naturally. Though I’m pretty sure you guys are not entirely disinclined to give support to a guy in his garage trying to assemble the thing… right? :smiley:


look at our gitter channel
If you are in NRW or near hannover or stuttgart we might even visit you.

You can save another 600 bucks with LinuxCNC + Mesa card (;
STMBL supports Mesa smartserial, so you get real communication between control and drive.