Min_endstops triggered for no obvious reason


Have you experienced strange behavior of an endstop triggering without anything touching it?

We have had this issue now on several occasions. It’s annoying since we level the end effector of our printer with the min_endstop. Every time the mysterious trigger happens the axis goes into idle mode, or in other words one corner of the end effector falls down making it impossible to go any further with the printing.

The only idea that crosses my mind is, that the end stop cable picks up some interference somewhere, which odrive interprets as pressed endstop. The setup we have is number 4 Endstops and Homing | ODrive. Normally open, pullup.

Any ideas how to proceed with this issue?

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In addition to what @towen says, it is probably caused by noise from your motors getting into your frame/wires. Add ferrite rings to you motor leads, electrically isolate your endstops (for example by mounting them with double sided tape), and try moving the endstop wires away from the frame to see if the problem persists.

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Adding the ferrite rings did help a lot! Thanks!


I am using pin 5 for the min_endstop at M0 and pin 7 for the min_endstop at M1. With M1 I have no problems, with M0 the endstop is triggered for unclear reasons as soon as the motor is up to speed. So it only happens with M0, not with M1 (same motor). Can it be the pin nr. ?

How and for which wiring did you use the ferrite rings?

Well, it works kind of for us. Adding the ferrite rings did help, but occasionally we still had issues with triggered endstops. Our setup is quite unique as we have the endstops on a rig which we remove/disconnect from the system after homing.

Previously we left the endstop cables attached to the Odrives (around 2-3 meters each) and took of only the actual endstop fixed to the rig. Those cables, although shielded, must have acted as antennas and picked up interference emited by the system.

I think to really solve this the endstop input need to be isolated as well. But for now it works for us without the cables attached.