Minimal velocity

Hi everyone!

Is there a way to control the motor such as it helps the user to pedal at a given speed minimum, and if the user is strong enough to go faster, it does not prevent her from doing it? It is even better if it helps her the less possible (a strong person will pedal by herself, a less strong one will be helped).

Any help appreciated

It sounds like you’re looking for torque limited velocity control with asymmetric torque limit bands, so torque is provided for acceleration but not braking?
This functionality is on the roadmap but we don’t have a clear timeline at this moment. If you really need this soon, please reach out to and we can discuss commissioning this feature.

While the motor controller could have a velocity based throttle map, what you are probably looking for is a master microcontroller to interface to the motor controller via CAN or serial. The motor controller would telemeter speed to the master and the throttle input would go to the master controller directly. You could program whatever throttle map you like and the output would be a torque command to the motor controller.

Thank you for your answers ! I will talk about this to my supervisors and will see what we decide to do !

Have a nice day !