Motor and encoder are on different axes

I am curious if the motor is fitted with a synchronous wheel, the encoder is fitted with another synchronous wheel, which is connected to each other by a timing belt. The ratio of the two synchronous wheels is 1:2.Can the motor run normally?If can, how to configure the parameters?

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@davidsmartwei You can technically mount the encoder anywhere in the drive train, however it is most favorable to be direct driven from the motor because it gets rid of points of failure and slop and usually will provide the highest resolution if gearing down.

If you have to mount it away from the motor you will just need to adjust the CPR calculation found in the setup guide to match the gear ratio. You want to match the number of counts to one rotation of the motor essentially.

If you gear down a shaft for example to 2:1 (2 motor rotations for one shaft) and your encoder is 1000 CPR you would have to configure the odrive for 500 CPR. Thus loosing 1/2 of your encoder resolution per rev of motor.

Hope that helps!

thanks so much!@ Cam_Klein