Motor and Encoder to Odrive wiring

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I just entered an existing project as a new member and I am a littlebit overwhelmed.
I got an Odrive 3.6. Now I want to wire a Maxon EC 90 flat motor and the Maxon MILE 512-6400 encoder to the Odrive. Problem is: I have no idea how that works. The datasheets of those parts are not helping. Does anyone know where to find information about that or can explain it to me. Like i actually need to know which pins of the motor I have to connect to which pins of the Odrive, sounds dumb, I know.

Here is a picture of the pins.


Hi, I am actually in you same situation, or better, i would like to use the same motors with the same encoder, but using O-Drives instead of the maxon motor controller. But i’m having difficulties finding a way to do so.

Have you succeeded in you project? Could you help me further?

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Hi there,

Could you post the exact Maxon motor and encoder you’re using? And upload any datasheets if possible.

Hello, MILE encoders from MAXON are using differential signals: A, /A, B and /B.
You need to convert the signals to TTL or CMOS signal usint RS-422 or RS-485 signals. I recommend you the driver SN 75175:

Then, you can connect driver outputs to Odrive.

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

Just as a note - the ODrive logic levels will be compatible with the noninverting differential signals. You’ll lose the robustness of differential communications, though this is frequently acceptable with short wire lengths.

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