Motor Choice for control loading project

Hi, new here.
i just got my odrive. Now waiting for the encoder.
in the mean time, i would like to start looking into possible motors.
my project is a set of control loaded flight simulation pedals. the force will vary depending on the phases of flight.
i require one motor in the closed loop control to give me the resistance.
the force required would be about 200/300 newton
the motor will have a metal arm (leverage) connected of about 10 cm. the pedals will be connected to this metal arm with rods and move back and forward. so the axle movement will be i would say max 90 degrees. I think to get these forces i will need some sort of gear reduction, but the solution must be easily back driveable. something of about 1:10 or less would work i think. But i can experiment with different gears.

to get 300N with a 10cm arm i need a torque of 30NM, with a 1:10 reduction is a torque of 3NM at the motor axle.

ive seen some very cheap self balancing hover board motors i could get for initial testing.
The torque for these is 13NM, according to the document i found on the odrive site.

My main question, is, ive seen these come with some hall effect position sensor, however it seams to me they are not very precise in the number of counts per revolution.
could i connect the 8192 step encoder and use this kind of motor, or the hall effect sensor would be enough?
also, could i use some sort of electric bicycle motor? these also are affordable and have much higher power/torque

what would be a cheap and good choice to get a high torque motor for this application to get these forces?
thanks again.

I would go with the ODrive Robotics D6374 geared down with either a planetary gearbox (see Vex Planetary as an example), or a belt drive of some sort.

You can use the hoverboard motors with an encoder to get more accuracy and efficiency.

Bicycle hub motor could also work. With ODrive you actually want to use a relatively high current motor because it doesn’t do super well at low currents. 30A at 48V is about perfect.