Motor doesn't rotate during ENCODER_INDEX_SEARCH

My motor will not rotate when searching the index of the encoder, so I cannot enter the closed loop all the time.
Before this motor calibration and encoder direction finding are available, only the motor does not rotate at all when searching the index.
Need to point out that my motor installed in a high load system, dev0. Axis1. Config. Calibration_lockin. The current configuration to 60.
I am very eager to know if it is the same problem as me. I really hope it can be solved. Thank you in advance

Have you checked if encoder.config.use_index is set to true?

see also here for more information.

Also, but not sure about this, but I think you need to do the index search before offset calibration.

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As acisre said, check that use_index = True. Also, it’s pretty common for noise to couple to the index pin. Put a 22nF capacitor on it to ground.