Motor & Encoder Selection

hi, all
I am trying to use the ODrive with low torque Motor, 0.6Nm is enough for us. From your suggest list , if I use Tarot 4008 330kv, Can I still use CUL AMT102 ? If I use 0.4Nm motor which less than 200W, do you have any suggestion about motor&encoder selection?
Thanks a lot to anyone willing to give me suggestion in the right direction.


I think that it doesn’t matter what encoder you pair with what motor, as long as you are able to attach the encoder to the motor shaft (with or without gearing) and that the encoders CPR is a multiple of the gear ratio between the motor and the encoder.

So there is no perfect encoder for a motor of a specific power rating. The important thing however, is the accuracy. The higher the CPR of the encoder, the more precise the motor ‘can’ be.