Motor Error DRV FAULT

I am currently using an ODrive 3.6 and a Turnigy SK8 6374-192KV Sensored Brushless Motor. The motor specs say Max Current is 100A Max Voltage is 45V. My power supply is two Lipo6S connected in series. current_lim=100
current_lim_margin = 10
requested_current_range = 120
I was measuring the current with a load on the motor with the DRV FAULT error detected. After rebooting, the error disappears, but after calibration, the DRV Fault is detected again. What could be the possible cause of the damage to the board?

Attached is an image of the liveplotter.
Green : current_control.Iq_measured
red : vbus_voltage
purple : thermistor.temperature

Seems that you may have burnt a mosfet or a gate driver. It seems the temperature hit at least 100C, from where the thermistor is placed, so the FET was likely a fair bit hotter. I would check for any FETs that have failed short.

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