Motor fails to rotate in both directions when start up and shows "AXIS ERROR ENCODER FAILED" and "ENCODER ERROR INDEX NOT FOUND YET" error

Hi, when I power up my Odrive, the motor should rotate backwards and forwards. But unfortunately, it only rotates in one direction. Once that is done. I did some trouble shooting and found that it has 2 errors, the errors are AXIS_ERROR_ENCODER_FAILED and ENCODER_ERROR_INDEX_NOT_FOUND_YET as shown below.

The motor I am using is SUNNYSKY X5212S KV340 and the encoder I am using is AS5047P.

I also do not know what is the number of pole-pairs for SUNNYSKY X5212S KV340 and what is the cpr of the AS5047P encoder.



Start by setting odrv0.axis0.encoder.config.use_index = False and try running AXIS_STATE_FULL_CALIBRATION.

You will need to know the CPR and the number of poles or you can’t control the motor… basic requirement.

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I am new to this, is there a way to determine the number of poles from a motor?

Just did what you have done, how I have a new error as shown.


Hey mate, I had solve the error. The reason was a faulty encoder.

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How did you detect that the errors are because of faulty encoder?.
I am having similar problem, after clearing the errors my motor will still not spin