Motor/Generator w/Odrive, Bob Coe

I’m new to Odrive. I just posted a video of my project to youtube under the above title. I’m exploring using the axial flux permanent magnet motor generator I built for charging lithium ion batteries on boats. I want to use the batteries and the motor function of the motor/generator for propulsion. The same one if possible. Another similar motor/generator if not possible. I just recently got the odrive setup and I love it. My next step is to write some code that puts the motor through a routine of a couple of minutes duration that changes velocity, position and direction. why? Just for fun, and so I feel like i understand it better. Eventually, I will want to set it up for remote control. Oh, i forgot to mention that i want to use marine waves to power the generator. I want everything to be as efficient as possible to make it even tenable. I hope that the state of the art in electronics and IoT will enable limiting gears,transmissions and switches to the minimum. One question i have is: can i use python anaconda to write the code right inside of odrivetool? If so, is there a post of some examples i could study. At this time I have more time than money, so I am excited to have found the Odrive community. Thanks Bob Motor/Generator w/Odrive, Bob Coe