Motor moves when current is applied to another motor

Hi, I am having an issue where, when I apply currents >~2A to one motor, the other motor moves. This specifically seems to happen when the current is changing (e.g., the motor moves when going from 0 to 2 A but seems to stay static if 2A stead-state are applied. The M0 motor movement only happens when I change current on M1. If I change the current on M0, M1 does not move.

A few things I’ve done:
-Swapping motors/encoders. I swapped all the motor leads and encoder pins to swap M1 and M0 and the issue persists. M0 moves when a current change occurs in M1, but not the other way around.

-I checked the brake resistor readings. I read about 2.3 Ohms from the multimeter when unplugged, and the odrv0.config.brake_resistance is set accordingly.

-The motor movement seems to be independent of whether I do open-loop or closed-loop control (i.e., it’s not an issue with the encoders.

Thanks a lot for the help!

Can you expand on that a bit? What do you mean by “open-loop”?