Motor not turning after closed loop state

I have a 3.6v board and have successfully calibrated the motor and encoder. I have checked the errors before and after the closed loop state and no errors appear. But when I turn on the closed loop state the motor shakes as if trying to find the correct position and it doesn’t accept any command to rotate to a certain position. What are some possible solutions to this problem?

@anm913 I am having similar problem. Did you find solution yet?

That was a while ago and I don’t remember the specific way my team resolved this issue. We had to do a few things and I’m not sure what other board revisions there have been since April 2019, so it may be completely different for you. We had to solder a capacitors onto a few inputs from the motor, I don’t remember the type or size. Part of our issue was not understanding the python code needed to get the motor to behave correctly once it was hooked up to a motor driver. We eventually got it to work correctly. I’m pretty sure this didn’t help answer question, but keep at it, good luck!

@anm913 Thanks for your reply. I have been able to get it work.