Motor stops spinning


I am using an Odrive 3.5, Turnigy Sk3 149V, a 6S 40C LiPo with 22.4V output and the AMT-102 encoder.
The motor can be perfectly calibrated and spins for some revolutions. However, then it stops and starts drawing energy up to the current_lim (20A) without moving any further. Does someone has any idea what the reason for this could be? The motor is only attached to some mounting, but not connected to any load. Also, no error codes are available for the axis, controller, motor and encoder. The same problem occurs with the demo python script. So it is probably not due to a mistake in the code.

I tested the sensorless mode and here there seems do be no issue. So do you think the error is related to the encoder?

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Hi, i’m having the same problem, did you find any progress on this?


This is usually caused by supplying an encoder CPR that’s slightly wrong by just a small amount.

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The difference its that mine spins a lot a then begin to stop, this could be that the encoder signal have noise o vibrations that accumulate?

I have the same problem. Have you solved it?

The encoder may be losing steps. it can be mechanical.