Hi, everyone,

I work on a project for my invalid son.
I use an Odrive3.6 56V
I have some trouble with motor
So let me explain :
When I calibrate the motor, it’s seems good but there is some little vibration but when I turn on the CLOSED_LOOP_CONTROL, the motor vibrate a lot.
When I use pos_setpoint no move…
Could you please help me ?
Thank’s a lot in advance for your help

Capture2 Capture4

Hi @Jean-Robert_Humbert!

My guess is that either your encoder isn’t working correctly or you need to tune the ODrive for your specific motor.

First, try rotating the motor by hand in open-loop mode. Print out odrv0.axis0.encoder.shadow_count and see if that is changing as expected, and that one complete rotation of the motor matches your encoder’s CPR.

If that all looks good have a look here under the Tuning heading and see if that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck!

In my system pos setpoint works well but as the jeans’s system it shakes a lot I tuned it one by one but it still shakes or it doesn’t shake but can’t hold the position good