Motors getting really hot during motor and encoder offset calibration


I’m working with an Odrive which is connected to an Arduino and receives all commands through UART. However, I’ve had a couple of times that the motor gets really hot (+60°C). I’m not sure what the problem could be. I’ve already destroyed 1 motor so far.

I’m not using a discharge resistor as I want to use regen to return some energy to the batteries. But I have a hardware emergency button which just disconnects the batteries from the Odrive. Could this be a problem for the motors as the current flowing through the motors can’t go anywhere?

The strangest thing at the moment is that the motors got really hot sometimes during calibration. Our arduino does reset for some reason when we connect to another Serial connection. This could trigger the Odrive to calibrate the motors while already in calibration. Would this be a problem?

Thanks in advance

Other than the motor getting hot none of that really sounds like an issue… Sorry, not too sure what’s going on with the hot motors there. Did you set your motor.config.current_limit? And what motor are you using? Don’t forget to de-rate it by 1/3 to 1/5