Moving from hall encoder to AMT102V - Calibration Issue

Hi Folks,

I’m pretty new to Odrive, but I was able to follow the hoverboard tutorial and get my motor working just fine using its built in Hall sensors. I now moved to an AMT102V encoder (bought from Odrive w/ cable), but I’m having issues getting the encoder calibrated.

Before I try anything else, do I need to clear the old Hall calibration values in the encoder.config object? If so, how do you reset them get it ready to be calibrated with an external encoder?

Thanks for the help!

odrv0.erase_configuration() :slight_smile:

In theory you just need to clear pre_calibrated, set your encoder mode, and then re-run all the encoder calibrations. But it’s often better to just erase everything.

Thanks! I should have read the docs more closely to find the erase configuration function. I’ll give it a go!