MPS SPI encoder support

Hi - I see there is support for SPI encoders, specifically CUI and AMS encoders. But when I look into it, I can’t seem to find the pinouts and a whole lot of detail on how to connect them.

Furthermore, I am considering a future encoder using a MPS512 encoder from Timken with a magnet ring. Any idea on how well this would currently be supported or what changes to the HW or SW would be needed? Where in the firmware is the SPI protocol, i’m assuming at a minimum i’d have to change that. This would be a single motor (frameless gimbal motor) with a single encoder (off axis encoder asic reading magnet ring).

This is the part I’m looking to use: MPS512 Multiplying Encoder ASIC | Hall Effect Sensors. But specifically the SPI output, not the raw ABZ pulses, though worst case I may have to alter that requirement

There’s not enough info on that MPS512 part to know if it’ll work. The brochure just has the incremental bits :frowning:

Do you have a datasheet?