My Robot Arm Project

Just want show you my new Robotarm:

What du you think?


Don’t know why this hasn’t gotten any attention - really cool! What are you using to send commands to the ODrive? Any code you can share :slight_smile: ?

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Hey, that looks really interesting. I’m currently developing something similar, but with only 4 axis.

Seems like you’re using some kind of inverse kinematics, what are you using? And same question - How do you control the ODrives? That’s the most interesting part for me

I use 3 Odrives connected from RasPi via USB.
To control the motors i build a simple python server-script that is communicate via Websocket to an Angular Frontend.
For now there was no IK. It uses input_pos and velocities as parameter.

Important to notice is that i used the “input_mode” = “TRAP_TRAJ” = 5

This was the only way to handle the “rotational inertia”. Best explanation here:

This was my Web-Frontend:

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Interesting, so you basically set the position for each axis and then you press start and then every axis moves to the setpoint with TRAP_TRAJ?

In that case that’s unfortunate because that would have been the part where i also needed help.

I really like your frontend tho, looks amazing!