MY1020 Brushless Motors

I’ve a project for a large skidsteer robot that can also be ridden and I was planning on using a pair of VESC for it to control two MY1020 brushless motors. Originally it was just going to be something I could ride that was also remote controlled but I’ve got far more in to robotics since then and discovered the ODrive. It being a large robotics testbed is incredibly appealing and would lend more use to it than the few events per year where I’d be able to ride it!

The specs for the 3.6 board mention it can handle up to 120A peak per motor with adequate cooling, we run these motors at 48V with 30A fuses for racing so it sounds they’ll be fine. Has anyone used these motors with ODrive please? It’d be good to know before making the plunge.

Hi kneave, sounds like a fun project!

Based on the wiring schematic that I got from this website, these are Hall Effect sensored motors that appear to be ODrive compatible. You’ll want to use the Hoverboard Guide as an example of how to configure an ODrive for Hall Effect Sensor mode (although your gains, current limits, etc will be different)

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Fantastic, thank you for letting me know :slight_smile:

It also means the VECS I have can be used on a skateboard so that’s two projects upgraded in one :smiley:

Hello! Problem is with encoder parameter: is_ready = False (bool) . Motor is BLDC MY 1020 with hall. I’ve set parameters as for Hoverboard, but motor does not work. Please help :slightly_smiling_face: