Mysterious OVERSPEED errors etc

Hi there

We are currently building a large-scale 3D-printer with Hangprinter-like kinematics. All axes (excluding the extruder) are controlled by ODrive boards (v3.5 & 3.6). We are using the ODrive D5065 motors with AMT102-V encoders. In total we are speaking of 10 BLDCs and two steppers.

Of those BLDCs all but two were setup and running, but the remaining caused us a lot of headache. Both were controlled by the same board, which gave us different error messages in random order. Mainly OVERSPEED errors, but occasionally also current related errors. We literally checked everything, boards, encoders, cables, PSUs, control software… but we didn’t find the cause.

At the end it seems, that the firmware on that particular board must have been either for a wrong board version or somehow corrupted. Since I flashed it with a freshly downloaded one, the motors work just fine giving no errors.

So, just in case someone experience similar errors, you might want to check the firmware before anything else.

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Thanks for the info! Sorry you had trouble. We’re a small team so indeed there’s still some gremlins that are often cured by odrv0.erase_configuration(), or re-flashing via an STLink. I think we’re getting close to feature complete for v3, so we’re starting to work on refactoring, stability, and such.

Would love to see your build when you’re ready!